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Match Results

MDCC Round 13 & 14 Wrap 21/1/17 – 28/1/17


D6’s 21/1/17

D6’s got underway against CBCB this weekend and after losing the toss our D6’s were asked to bowl first.

Our bowlers did a great job creating chances and were able to bowl out the opposition for 89 runs in 23.3 overs.


Best with Ball: Lachlan Price (3-18), Nathan Stoodley (3-30), Thomas Moore (2-1) & Jaimi Bubb (2-7).


The run chase was successful passing the total in the 20th over and our D6’s finishing 2 for 93.


Best with Bat: Cadel Leeson (44) & Ryan Stoodley (25*)


D6’s 28/1/17 

Round 16 got underway against Edgeworth Sport & Rec and after our skipper won the toss we sent in the opposition. With our bowlers continuing their great form they managed to bowl out the Edgeworth side for 135 runs in the last over of the innings.


Best with Ball: Nicholas Stanbridge (4-24), Toby Morgan (2-17) & David Stanbridge (2-22).


This game went right down to the wire with our D6’s side chasing down the target finishing 6 for 148 in the last over of the day.


Best with Bat: Julian Giles (40*) & Blake Armson (25)



C3’s 21/1/17

C3’s had the Bye this weekend.


C3’s 28/1/17 

This round saw our C3 side versing Beresfield Memorial. After winning the toss our team elected to bat first. The guys batted out their innings only to lose their last wicket on the last ball finishing 10 for 145.


Best with Bat: Ryan Stoodley (35) & Stephen Leathley (33).


Our bowlers did a great job in defending the total and were able to bowl out the Beresfield team for 87 runs in 25.5 overs.


Best with Ball: John Barrett (4-16) & Joseph Barnett (2-2).



A Grade (Managers Report) 21/1/17

WET WEATHER: No play possible. 


A Grade (Managers Report) 28/1/17

Merewether played Journeyman at Islington Oval and after losing the toss were the first in the field on a very hot day.

Journeyman had a solid start and wickets were hard to come by on a good deck and big out field but the boys toiled hard to keep Jouneyman to a par score of 9/174 of their 40 overs,


Best with the ball: Murray Grimster (3-50) & Darren Cousins (2-21).


Starting the run chase after a hard day fielding in the energy sapping  heat the boys new they had to concentrate extra hard and they did that cruising for the win in successfully chasing the runs only 5 wickets down.


Best with the bat: Adam Britt (45) & Luke Penfold (28*). 



The District Grades all played Waratah-Mayfield in a two-day match for Round 13 This round will also have the Edwards - Gilmour Trophy going to the club with the most wins over all four grades.



4th Grade

Day 1:

4th grade got underway at Empire Park this week and winning the toss our captain sent Waratah-Mayfield into bat.

Before long we had Waratah 4 for 11before a mini partnership was able to slow our wicket taking down. However we bowled out the visitors for 112 in the 51st over. 


Best with Ball: Ryan Osborne (3-8) & Sam Marr (2-40)


With 19 overs left in the day our guys went out to try and get as close to Waratah’s total and they got close 3 for 89.


Best with Bat: Matt Richards (46) & Adam Walker (16*).


Day 2:

The day started much the same as the guys left off going for quick runs and after 15 overs their skipper declared with our score 6 for 142. A lead of 30 runs and 55 overs in the day.


Best with Bat: Matt Richards (46) & Adam Walker (36).


Wickets didn’t come as we would of liked and after 35 more overs and Waratah 2 for 92 both skippers called it a day with the result staying with 1st innings points.  


Best with Ball: Ryan Osborne (1-11) & Matt Richards (1-20).



3rd Grade

Day 1:

WET WEATHER: No play possible.  


Day 2: 

With day 1 washed out this game was reduced to a 1 day match for our 3rd grade side. We were sent into bat by the opposing skipper. With the pitch looking bowler friendly our guys fought to a total finishing 7 for 198 from our 40 overs.


Best with Bat: Tommo Croft (48), Ryan Forbes (40), Nicholas Hart (39) & Carl Bolte (25).


Our skipper used 7 bowlers in defending the total all able to take a wicket. With contribution from everyone Waratah’s run rate was never on target and our guys were able to take the last wicket bowling out the Waratah-Mayfield side for 112 in 33.2 overs.


Best with Ball: Matt Jordan (2-8) & Phil Stanbridge (2-8)   



2nd Grade

Day 1:

2nd grade were able to get on this weekend at Townson Oval and at the toss the coin went the way of the visitors and we were sent out to bat first.

After losing a quick first wicket we were able to create a 95 run 2nd wicket partnership between Sam Gilmour & Ben Egan and this sent us on the right path. With consistent partnerships made from here on we got to a very good total finishing all out for 274 with our last wicket falling in the 74th over.


Best with Bat: Ben Egan (86), Scott Montgomery (51), Sam Gilmour (50) & Mitch Morgan (39)  

With 6 overs left to bowl Waratah-Mayfield were able to see it out finishing 0 for 13.


Day 2:

This week started off like normal thanks to much hard work from our groundsman with the amount of rain over the week. Our bowlers made it hard work for the opposition and we just grinded away picking up regular wickets. The guys managed to bowl Waratah out for 142 in the 40th over for the day.


Best with Ball: Sam Gilmour (4-18) & Isasc Hillery (3-34).


Having 40 overs left in the day and still leading by 132 runs our skipper sent Waratah back out to bat as we chased an outright victory.

The guys just kept working and wickets continued to fall and with overs running out and Waratah’s last two batsman seeing off 6 of the last 7 overs before the last over saw a bowling change and the final wicket fell with 3 balls left in the day Waratah-Mayfield finishing on 114 and our 2s finishing with outright victory.



1st Grade

Day 1:

WET WEATHER: No play possible.


Day 2:

Out at Waratah Oval our 1 grade side had to wait for play to begin after bad weather throughout the last 2 weeks made it hard for the oval to be playable but after a little wait the match was able to get underway as a 35 over a side match.

Losing the toss saw our guys sent out to bat first. Runs were not easy with however the guys managed to finish their 35 overs 5 for 172.


Best with Bat: David Celep (48), Trent Bush (32), Jono Dunn (31*) & Troy Goodwin (30).


Our bowlers came out and kept Wartah-Mayfield batsman scoring rate low. Wickets fell regularly and the guys managed to Bowl out Waratah for 107 in 28.4 overs.


Best with Ball: Tim O’Neill (4-31), Dan Morton (3-29) & Trent Bush (2-13).



T/20 Vs Charlestown - 22/1/17

Under 15’s

Our U15’s started the day for this round of 20/20’s and with and on a difficult pitch they were sent into bat and after batting the allotted 20 overs we finished 6 for 95.


Best with Bat: Isaac Barry (20) & Thomas Moore (18)


In a close battel our guys managed to keep Charlestown below our target and after bowling our 20 overs Charlestown finished 6 for 93 winning by 2 runs.


Best with Ball: (stats to come).



Denis Broad OAM Cup

2nd game for the day saw our DB side bowling first after Charlestown’s skipper won the toss. A tricky pitch saw our bowlers managed to bowl Charlestown out for 90 with a wicket on the last ball.


Best with Ball: (stats to come).


It was not easy but our guys got up in the last over finishing 3 for 93.


Best with Bat: Dan Andrews (40) & Scott Montgomery (32)



1st Grade

Last game for the day saw our 1s batting first after a win at the toss for our skipper. Much like the 2 games before it was hard work getting the runs batting out their 20 overs we ended 8 for 133.


Best with Bat: Ben Egan (39) & Josh Emerton (30),


Our bowlers managed to create many wicket opportunities and with the pitch still making hard work for the batters, our bowlers managed to bowl out our 20 overs with Charlestown unable to chase our target down finishing 9 for 95.


Best with Ball: (stats to come).



Under 21 Competition Pool B Round 4 - Sun 29 Jan 2017

The guys played Stockton-Raymond Terrace for this round in the Under 21’s. Stockton’s skipper won the toss and elected to bat first.

Our bowlers managed to bowl out Stockton for 242 in 47 overs.


Best with Ball: (Stats to come).


Our guys batted great however we could not chase down the target finishing 9 for 221 from our 50 overs.


Best with Bat: (Stats to come).